Education & Labour Market Pathways of the 1st TREE cohort, 2000-2014

  • 9th grade of compulsory school
  • Not in education or training
  • Intermediate solutions
  • Vocational education and training upper secondary
  • General education upper secondary
  • Economically active with upper sec. diploma
  • Economically active without upper sec. diploma
  • Neither economically active nor in education or training
  • Tertiary B = other postsecondary education and training
  • Tertiary A = Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences



Language region:

Lower sec. level of academic requirements:

Parental socio-economic status:

Parental attainment of education:

The diagram is interactive and can be filtered by gender, language region, lower secondary track attended, socio-economic status and parental attainment of education. In order to modify or cancel a filter, click on another filter category or on the "total" button.

The diagram visualizes educational and labour market pathways of the 1st TREE cohort (TREE1), which left compulsory school after 9th grade in 2000. The initial TREE1 sample comprises 6.343 individuals and is representative both at national level and at the level of language regions. The ten displayed columns represent the follow-up surveys carried out to date. All percentages are based on the number of individuals in the entire sample (100% = total sample). For reasons of readability and estimation errors, we display only values which apply to at least four percent of the entire sample or 30 unweighted cases. The displayed values are sample-based estimations which are subject to certain errors of estimation. Sample attrition over time is corrected by weighted calculations.